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Working together to enhance your horse's athletic potential and nutritional needs for optimal performance


Optimal Performance

"No hour of life is wasted,

that is spent in the saddle"


- Sir Winston Churchill

About Us

VL Equine Optimal Performance offers a number of services to help your equine partner on the path to optimal health. We offer specialized manual therapies to the common areas of muscle soreness  for the equine athlete to enhance performance, as well as nutritional consulting, for horses at each critical life stage, from foals to senior years.

Meet Verna

Verna is an avid horse person, with over 40 years of experience in the saddle. After completing her Equine Sport Massage Certification in 2015, Verna has turned her passion for horses into a rewarding career.

Click below to read more about Verna, and her accomplishments in and out of the show ring.


Our latest Blog "A Special Tribute to My Senior Horse Clients" published November 22, 2022

A Special Tribute to My Senior Horse Clients who consistently provide unquestionable loyalty to their owners. I am grateful for the opportunity to help all of you feel good and able to bring your best hoof forward!


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