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About Us

VL Optimal Equine Performance provides manual and soft tissue massage therapy to relieve tight sore muscles that can result from injuries, hard training, aging and rapid growth of our horses.  Horses of all ages and fitness levels, will benefit from massage, acupressure and myofascial release therapies.

Many times signs of body soreness can be missed and we attribute lack of engagement or forward motion, missing leads, teeth grinding, tossing of the head in upward transitions, refusing a jump, tail swishing, pulling back and cocking hind leg when trying to clean hooves as an ill mannered horse.

At times this may be true, but these reactions are also typical symptoms that a horse is sore in one or more areas such as poll, shoulder and  neck, withers and back, loin and hip area all the way down to hocks and pasterns.

The initial gait analysis followed by an overall hands on approach, will help pinpoint areas of soreness and treatment will begin with massage, acupressure and myofascial release techniques. This holistic approach will enable our equine best friends to continue their job, improve performance and attitude.  A happy horse is a happy rider!


Learn more about all of the great things we can do to help your equine partner feel and perform it's best.
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