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Our Services

VL Equine Optimal Performance offers a number of services to help your equine partner on the path to optimal health. We offer specialized manual therapies for the equine athlete to enhance performance, as well as nutritional consulting for horses at each critical life stage, from foals to senior years.

What's in your hay?

Did you know not all hay's are equal?  Different combinations of plant species (grass vs legume), cutting date, soil content, curing and storage conditions can affect nutrient content and digestibility. Depending on your horse's life stage, work load, metabolic conditions (Cushing’s, insulin resistance, laminitis etc.) nutritional requirements will vary. Optimizing your horse's nutrition is critical to enhance their athletic potential and well being.

Nutrition Consulting

There are critical times throughout a horse's development where attention must be given to correct nutritional requirements.





Optimal nutrition is critical in order for all horses to fuel their bodies with the energy and nutrients to sustain intense training sessions, growth and reproduction, tissue repair, immunity, good digestive and neurological health.


VL Optimal Equine Performance provides a comprehensive service that will balance forage (grass and hay) with grain to ensure that horses at various life stages and energy demands are met.

Personalized Consultations
 Comprehensive Hay & Feed Analysis - $150.00
Custom Feed Solutions - $75.00/hr

Contact us to schedule a nutrition consult.
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