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Deep Tissue and Acupressure

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

All muscles need to be strong, but pliable for optimal performance. However, If they are strong and inflexible, this can cause discomfort, shortened stride, poor gait quality and an unhappy horse prone to injury.

We combine the benefits of trigger point and myofascial massage therapies to reduce soft tissue adhesions and the highly sensitive areas of soreness within muscles called "Trigger Points".

Common Areas of Soreness: By reducing muscular tightness, joints are not overstressed and risk of injuries are reduced.

Deep Tissue begins with manual acupressure beginning light and as the muscle relaxes, deep massage treatment can begin until the tight band or muscle or knot is released.

In the example below trigger point in the upper neck (Splenius, upper neck muscle) is identified with a secondary trigger point located at the brachocephalis (lower neck muscle).

Trigger Point Acupressure - Deep Tissue - Myofascial Release

1) As release is obtained, neck is lowered

2) Trigger Point and Myofascial Release to the point of near sleep


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