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  • Verna Lum

Hoof Pain and Nutrition: A Closer Look at Mineral Imbalances

Symptoms like laminitis, contracted heels, and tight growth rings often signal deeper issues rooted in nutritional imbalances, particularly in iron, zinc, and copper. Excess iron can cause inflammation systemically and weaken hooves, while zinc and copper deficiencies lead to brittle, slow-growing hooves. Excess iron can also lead to poor absorption of zinc and copper, which further impairs hoof growth.

But the repercussions don't stop there. Hoof pain can lead to a poor breakover (heel/toe off) which can radiate from the foot upwards, resulting in an unbalanced high upright foot causing shoulder, neck and back pain.

The solution? A balanced diet rich in essential minerals and tailored hoof care. By addressing these imbalances, you pave the way for healthier, happier horses. After all, if there's no hoof, there's no horse.



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