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  • Verna Lum

Is Your Horse Round?

Updated: Jun 14

A relaxed, free and engaged horse not only comes from a happy horse with a happy attitude, but from many of the core muscles all contributing to forward motion and lightness.

“On The Bit” comes from a horse driving up through his back, utilizing strong hip flexors (gluteal, and hamstring muscles), abdomen, and balanced with a relaxed tension free neck and poll. Only when these core muscles are working together, will optimum, resistance free, quality gaits be achieved.

A shortened stride – could result from weak hock and/or tight right or left sacrum. Gluteal and hamstring muscles would also likely be tight

Head tossing – could be from tightness over lower back, wither and/or poll, tight jaw, poor saddle fit

Lack of extension – could be from tightness across shoulders, pectorals, poor saddle fit, hip tightness from adjacent hip

At VL Equine Optimal Performance we provide a holistic approach to ensure motion and mobility are unconstrained and forward.

We assess the root cause of soreness, whether it is from injury, over training, nutritional deficiencies, poor hoof quality, poor saddle fit, etc.

We strive to bring the best hoof forward and to have a happy horse and a happy rider! For more information, please contact us at 905 691 9725 or



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