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Look at Harry go!

Look at Harry go! Thank you Fanny and Philp Wong for giving me this opportunity to help Harry feel better!

Harry is a 2008 mix breed male, adopted from a shelter in Hong Kong. Weight is good at 25kg. He has advanced arthritis and is very body sore in pelvis and hips as well as front end shoulders and back. Harry is very anxious about going to the vet and at this point very painful to be carried by his owners.

Day 1 treatment was challenging for Harry. He was scared and shaking nearly the entire session, and was particularly sensitive over his croup. That night Harry had a very good sleep, normally waking up early at 6am, but this morning he slept right into the afternoon.

“We can see the difference after the acupressure. His back legs seem less pain and stronger.”

Fanny and Philip Wong

Day 2, Harry had very good improvement. He was more relaxed and accepting of his treatment. He went for a walk in the park outside his home, on Day 3.



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