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  • Verna Lum

The significance of balanced nutrition for optimal performance

As spring arrives, so does the arrival of young horses. Balanced nutrition, such as Calcium to Phosphorus, need to be 2:1, along with appropriate levels of high-quality protein, fats, and low NSC (non-structural carbohydrates) starch, are crucial for optimal growth and development of a strong, healthy skeletal structure to sustain their promising future, whether it involves trail riding, reining, dressage, hunter, jumper, ranch riding, racing, etc.

Here is a one-year-old Percheron, who is 18H tall and is already 90% of his adult height. This young lad has experienced a tumultuous first year of life, resulting in painful "growing pains" that many of our two legged adolescent humans will also experience resulting from rapid growth of the long bones and the supporting tendon and ligaments are "stretched" causing pain and in many cases bone chips or partial detachment of the tendon from the point of insertion can occur. He now exhibits advanced cases of epiphysitis and osteochondrosis.

Here at VL Equine Optimal Performance, we recognize the significance of balanced nutrition for optimal performance, as well as the consequence if proper nutrition is not obtained. Through our nutritional consultative practice, along with soft tissue bodywork that will help alleviate growing pains resulting from osteochondrosis and/or epiphysitis. Our goal is to help all horses at any age, put their best hoof forward and move and perform at their best.



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