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  • Verna Lum

Tight Poll?......Problems with Collection?

Ever tried to go for a run or walk with a sore neck? Not. Most of us take the day off work if our neck is sore from a bad sleep, tough hockey game, overstretching at the gym..ect. We walk guarded, turning our entire upper torso to do activities instead of moving our head. We take care of ourselves, but do we give the same regard to our horses when they have a sore neck or tight poll? More often than not, our horses must still go to work……

Tight polls are common, and can occur from activities such as straining under the lowest fence rail to get grass on the other side of the fence, eating from a hay bag placed too high, pulling while being tied, dental problems, uneven side rein pressure, over longeing and/over training, heavy and unforgiving hands, incorrect bit, etc.

Whatever the cause, movement will be compromised. The horse will be reluctant to go forward, collection will be difficult, causing a poor attitude and an unhappy horse.

We can help reduce the tension, by first applying direct pressure at the poll, beginning with light pressure and then increasing as poll releases. This will be followed by fascial release techniques and as you can see, release can be obtained to the point of sleep.

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